The Vikings Are Coming!: A Modest Gallery Of Comicbook Reimaginings Of Viking Age Culture.

Every week’s comics reading seems to bring its own unexpected theme. Recently, I’ve been repeatedly bumping into takes on Vikings in the stories I’ve been reading. None of them have lacked charm …

1 (2)

111. from 2012’s The Judas Coin by Walter Simonson with Lovern Kindzierski and John Workman.


122. from 1949’s Radio Fun Annual, creator/s sadly uncredited.



93. from the Topper Book 1959, creator/s sadly uncredited.



74. from the 2013 English language version of Vinland Saga Book One, by Makoto Yukimura.


85. from The Invasion Of Asgard!, in 1964’s Journey Into Mystery #101, by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, George Bell and Artie Simek, as recoloured – without direct attribution – for 1993’s Marvel Masterworks vol 26.

The art behind this post’s title comes from The Sword In The Scabbard in 1965’s Journey Into Mystery #117 by Kirby, Lee, Colletta & Simek.

You can, if you’d choose, access other galleries here at Them Darned Superpeople, here.


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