On Jack Kirby In The Seventies.

A two-part essay I wrote for The Comics MNT about Jack Kirby’s work in the 70s has just been brought out from behind the sites’ Patreon paywall. I wrote it during the well-celebrated hundreth anniversary of Kirby’s birth last year, when it was heartening to see the media, mainstream as well as niche, paying respectful and enthusiastic attention to his achievements. And yet, it seemed to me that the truth about much of Kirby’s life and career was frequently obscured by a vague, over-generalised portrait of constant success and unending acclaim. Even many comics fans seemed utterly unaware of, for example, how low Kirby’s stock fell, for all the idiosyncratic brilliance of his work, in the Seventies. It can now seem hard to understand how Kirby’s appeal temporarily dimmed for many during that decade, and this was my attempt to explain something of how and why that happened. It was also my chance to laud the often-passed over subtleties of his writing during that period, which I was glad to take.

You can, if you’ve a moment to pass, find the first half of that essay on Kirby in the 70s here and its conclusion here.  And while you’re there, do take the chance, if you’ve not already done so, to wander around The Comics MNT as a whole. It’s a terrific project and wellworth investigating.

4 thoughts on “On Jack Kirby In The Seventies.

    1. Thank you for showing interest in that post :)I’m sorry, computer hassles at the end of the last year have me struggling to find old posts, and you’re quite right that that destination/site has gone. But I will – of course – see what I can find.


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