Not Giving A Soft White Damn: A Modest Gallery of Snowbound Comicbook Pages

As the British heatwave blazes on, the most common visual theme in my recent comics reading has been snow.  Here are but the first five examples of a tendency that continued incongruously throughout this week.

161. from Dudley D. Watkins’ Desperate Dan, in 1939’s The Dandy Monster Comic.

142. from Crime’s Dumbest Wise Guy: Peter Treadway, with art by George Tuska, in 1947’s Crime Does Not Pay #53.


3. from 1954’s Sub-Mariner #36, by Bill Everett with Stan Goldberg.


4. from Ronnie Roy The India Rubber Boy in the Radio Fun Annual 1949, creators uncredited.


5. from 1989’s Snow by Askold Akishin.

The artwork underlying this entry’s titles comes from the 2008 English language version of Aymond and Van Hamme’s Lady S: Here’s To Suzie.

You can, if you’d choose, access other galleries here at Them Darned Superpeople, here.


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