The War To End All Wars: A Modest Gallery Of Comicbook Pages Inspired By The First World War.

In which the temporarily preoccupied blogger offers the fourth of six galleries featuring fine comicbook storytelling;


1. by Hunt Emerson, from the 2014 anthology Above The Dreamless Dead.


2. from Star Spangled War Stories #142 featuring Enemy Ace, by Bob Kanigher and Joe Kubert.


3. from the 2007 HB collection of Charley’s War: Blue’s Story, by Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun with M. Peters, as originally printed in the early 80s in Battle Action.


4.The Coward Of The Fighting 43rd, from The Victor Book For Boys 1978, creators uncredited, which I’ve taken the liberty of posting without the liberal use of green ink that made the original such an eyesore. (I’ve posted the page as originally printed below, but beware, gentle visitor, and shield your eyes.)


5. from 1975’s The Invaders #7, by Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins, Vince Colleta, John Constanza & Phil Rachelson.


6. from 2011’s Nice Day For a War: Adventures of a Kiwi Soldier in World War 1 by Chris Slane & Matt Elliott.

You can, if you’d choose, access other galleries here at Them Darned Superpeople, here.

and for the curious, the original of The Coward Of The Fighting 43rd, which had a single colour applied to it in the manner typical of UK annuals during the period. Few enough pages ever benefitted from the tradition.


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